Need Someone to Talk To?

Transitions are the most challenging times of our lives, but they offer us the greatest opportunity for growth. Transitions such as going from married to single, single to married, couple to family, parent to empty-nester, employed to unemployed can be stressful, even overwhelming.

Life's Major Transitions are our Biggest Stressors

When you can’t seem to cope, when you are feeling alone, or when life seems to be running you—these are the times you need an objective and sympathetic ear. You need a voice to help you find the answers you are seeking within yourself. We are here to help you through these challenging times. We offer a whole person approach to mental well being for individuals, couples, and families.

Single to Married

If you or someone close to you is soon to be married, you may find yourself faced with doubts about your spouse to be. You may experience cold feet. Are you ready for the changes you are facing? Do you feel jealous of a close friend or sibling? Are you concerned about the expectations of others? We are here to help you.

Married to Single

If you have recently lost a partner, or are anticipating divorce, than you may also be facing the loss of your lifestyle, your social network, even your identity. You may be feeling angry, guilty, resentful, fearful of your future, or terribly alone. We can help you move through your feelings to a new and confident future. See our article, Surviving Loss.

Couple to Family

Whether it's expecting a baby or entering a relationship with step-children, your life will never be the same. Who makes the rules? What happens to gender roles? How will you keep your core relationship together? Let's explore these questions; together we can find the right answers for you.

Parent to Empty Nester

This is the time you've been planning for. More freedom! More space! Then why do you feel so incomplete? Remember parenting isn't your only life role. Rediscover the whole you. Let's talk.

Employed to Unemployed

Whether you chose to leave or had the decision made for you, moving from employment to unemployment is a life altering transition. Where do you go from here? What will your future bring? What does tomorrow look like? This could be a great opportunity for you to experience new things in your life. Take a new direction. Revisit postponed dreams. Let's explore the world of endless possibilities.

These are times when it can be helpful to have a single session, or several, to work through your feelings and be ready to enter your life-change with confidence and anticipation. If this is one of those times for you, You're not alone; LET'S TALK!! Contact us today.