What's going wrong in your life?

We offer a natural, whole person approach to mental well-being for individuals , families, and couples. When you face changes, or your current situation is troubling, you need an objective and sympathetic ear, and a voice to find the answers you seek within yourself. That is the kind of service we provide.

Marriage and Divorce: Life's Biggest Stressers

Marriage and Divorce are two of the most stress-filled events in life. You might find yourself alone in the midst of friends and family, coping, or trying to cope with the changes before you. Are you experiencing doubt about your choice of partner? You are not alone in wondering. Read Annette's story. See the analysis of Annette's story; how did you do?

Anxiety and Depression: Every Day Stress, or Something More?

Anxiety and Depression are feelings we all have from time to time. They are often tied to a particular event. If these feelings persist for more than a few days, you may be in need of some help. Take our anxiety quiz, print version, or take it online.

Grief and Significant Loss: Getting Through It

Grief and lossare natural parts of life. But if you haven’t the support you need to see you through it, you need to find someone to lean on. We can help. Read about grief.

Relationship Issues: Doubt, Conflicts, Issues

Partners, family, teenagers, friends are all a part of the great things in life, but also likely causes of trouble and strife. Are you expecting too much of the best people in your life? Are they expecting too much of you? Let’s Talk.

There are times when it can be helpful to have a single session, or several, to work through your feelings and There are times when it can be helpful to have even a single session to help work through your feelings and issues. There are time when you need long-term support. Let’s work out a plan that best suits you. LETS TALK!!